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  • We Buy Houses in Any Condition
  • No Repairs or Cleaning Needed
  • Tenant in the Home? No Problem

Fast Cash


  • We Will Pay a Fair Cash Price
  • Get Your Money Fast
  • There’s No Cost To You – We Pay All Closing Costs

Quick Close


  • Need to Stay in the House Until You’re Ready to Move? No Problem
  • Reputable Title and Escrow Company Will Handle the Closing

We buy houses in Kansas City fast for cash no matter the condition.

If you need to sell your property quickly, whether out of necessity or convenience, we have the ability to close on your house in as little as seven days.

We can help you solve your problems and with cash, we buy houses in as-is condition.

How We Buy Houses

3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Contact Us:

As soon as you speak to us, we can get you onto our schedule to look at your property. ………………………..

Step 2


We visit the property and take that information back to our office. We generally make an offer within 24 hours.

Step 3


When you accept the offer, you choose the closing date. We work at your speed and put cash in your hands.


It’s impossible to beat the speed and convenience we bring to selling your house. We aren’t a listing company. That means we are the buyers and we work directly with you to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Rental Properties

Do you have those tenants from hell? Are you just burned out on being a landlord? That’s where we come in. We take over tenant communications as soon as you sign the contract. You don’t have to talk to them ever again.

Coming out of the pandemic, we understand that the rental scene has been a challenge.

Talk to us and avoid the eviction process. We have the experience to handle any problems you may face with tenants, and when you sign the contract, it’s not your problem anymore.

We will by your Kansas City rental property.

We deal with tenants. We worry about repairs. We remodel. We take care of nasty clean-ups.

We do all this so you can walk away from your unwanted rental properties and get a clean start.

If You Need to Sell Quickly, Call Us

There are numerous reasons people need to move on from a property:

  • Job relocations
  • Divorce
  • Death in the family and probate
  • Income properties
  • Downsizing

We’ve seen it all. Over the years here in Kansas City, we have helped hundreds of people quickly move their unwanted and inconvenient properties.

Whether your kids have moved out and you need to downsize, or you want to provide a living space for an aging parent, we can help you make the appropriate property shift.

Maybe you’re facing financial difficulties and can’t afford your mortgage. Let us step in before you get to foreclosure. A quick cash sale can save your credit and allow you to move into something you can afford now.

Are you worried about the property’s condition? Stop it. We buy houses in Kansas City as-is. When we pay cash, you don’t have to worry about banks approving the sale or needing upgrades to the property.

We’ve seen it all, and we have the right crews on staff to handle whatever you want to sell us.

When divorce or probate pops up, liquidating property to split assets can just be an insult to injury. We offer a quick, cash deal that lets you settle your finances and be on your way as quickly as possible. Don’t drag on the agony of wasting months trying to sell your house through a realtor.

Since we pay cash, we have the ability to move at your speed. Do you need to be gone next week? Perhaps your new job starts in a month, and you don’t want to move until that time. We can accommodate whatever your needs may be.

Traditional Sale Vs. Investor

Traditional Real Estate Transaction

Fast Home Buyers


Typically 6% of sale price


Closing Costs

4% - 5% of the sale price (on top of realtor fees)


Time to Closing

2 - 3 months after accepting an offer

As little as 7 days (we move on your schedule)

House Repairs

Negotiated before closing


Benefits of Fast Home Buyers

We Save You Money

The average amount saved in realtor fees and closing costs alone in the Kansas City area exceeds $10k and can often save you more than $20k. That’s a figure realtors don’t advertise when they sell your house.

Couple that with repairs and monetary concessions at closing and you could tack on thousands of dollars more to that figure.

We Save You Time

When you go with a real estate agent in your area, you commit to several months before your house sells.

What if your house takes 6 months or even a year to land a contract?

That’s when you are responsible for the upkeep, mortgage payments, and dealing with communication with an ex or those tenants you can’t stand.

A week is all we require.

We Save You Repairs

At Fast Home Buyers we’re committed to the as-is purchase.

Don’t worry about an old roof or tenant damage. We’ve got you covered. We’ve worked with many property owners in Kansas City. As-is means you can sign the contract and walk away from whatever headache you want to escape.

We Guarantee No Surprises

When we make an offer, that’s it. We don’t go back and change things or require any additional concessions.

Our goal is to make the transaction as smooth as possible with as few steps as possible.

We make our offer and that offer stands. Once you accept the offer you dictate the speed with which the transaction proceeds and we stick to that.

We have been around long enough and have a solid business foundation that allows us to follow through on everything we offer. We aim to take the stress out of selling your property so you can move forward with your life and put trouble behind you.

Call us today and see how quickly we can help you.

Get an offer now!


We’ve been buying houses in your area for the last three years. Our idea is to help everybody to solve problems with their properties. We buy houses in any condition and situation: Evictions, Probates, Notice of Default, Inheriting houses, divorce, foreclosure, literally any situation.

We’ve helped hundreds of people with their properties, sometimes in less than a week. You can check our “Testimonials” and how we’ve helped people over the years.

We started our business in Utah, buying houses in the whole state. Today we are in Florida, helping others with our fantastic team there. Feel free to contact us today and get your offer.

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