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At Fast Home Buyers, we know that life moves quickly. Sometimes, you have to relocate, and selling your house doesn’t go as fast as you need it to.

We can help with that! We will pay you cash for your house, regardless of what condition it is in. It is a fast process, assuring you that you will be out the door in a timely manner.

Reasons Why People Need to Relocate

There are many reasons why someone might have to relocate to a different city. It could be one reason or a combination. Some of those reasons could be:

  1. Job change: This is probably the biggest reason people move to a different city. Whether it’s a promotion with the same company or a great offer from a different company, a new job in a new place is appealing to anyone. Oftentimes, however, you have limited time in which to move and you may even have to work while doing so.
  2. Size of home: You may need to have just become empty nesters and decide you don’t need all the extra space. Or maybe you are a young couple who is just starting your family and you need a bigger house. Either way, whether the relocation is on the same block or in a different state, we want you to be able to have the cash to get started quickly.
  3. Neighborhood: Sometimes, you just want a change. You may live in the city and long for the slower life and the fresh air the country offers. On the contrary, you may live in the country and want the convenience of the city. You should be able to live where you want!
  4. Education: You could want to relocate to a place with better education. This could be for you or your children. This is a great reason to relocate!
  5. Cultural reasons: Sometimes you just want to experience life in a different part of the country or the world. Owning a house ties you down to a certain place and you may want to be free from that. We can help break that tie.
  6. Family: You may have children and grandchildren or parents who live somewhere else and you want to live closer to them.
  7. Lifestyle: Maybe you have figured out that you are living above your means. Or, maybe you’d like a house that is a little bit nicer than your current house.
  8. New life: The simplest reason is to start a new life. Maybe you had a relationship that turned sour. Maybe you got into legal or financial trouble. Or maybe you just simply want to start something different.

Whatever the reason, selling your home should not have to be a stressor. Fast Home Buyers can check that off your list and make your move a little bit easier.

Selling your Home During Relocation

The process of selling your home is usually long and drawn-out. It can take months of having your home on the market and can cost you money out-of-pocket. We make the process much quicker, easier and cheaper for you. Check it out:

Fast Home Buyers

Traditional Real Estate


We get no commission.

6%-8%- this can vary.


We do no financing.

Most sales depend on bank financing.


There is no appraisal or associated fees.

House must be appraised and meet the minimum bank value for the deal to continue.


No cost for repairs-we take care of it!

Most house repairs are the responsibility of the seller.


There is no staging necessary.

The realtor will hire a stager, which will cost an additional fee.

Closing Costs

No closing costs.

Closing comes out of your sales.

Closing Date

On the date you choose.

The date is subject to the people involved: the bank rep, the attorneys, the realtors, the buyer, and you.

Time on the Market

Your house does not go on the market.

It could sit on the market for months, even years, depending on which way the market is leaning.

How Our Process Works

When you decide it is time to sell your home, all you have to do is call us. You do not need to worry about giving us a lot of advanced notice. If you have to move quickly for any reason, you don’t even have to be concerned with cleaning or repairs to your house. We will take care of it for you!

This is how Fast Home Buyers can buy your house quickly:

  • You will call Fast Home Buyers or contact us online.
  • We will schedule a meeting with you. This will be a meeting to do a walkthrough of your house. When this is finished, we will make a fair market offer for your house.
  • Based on your timeline, you can choose a closing date. If you need to move that week or next month, we can work with that.
  • We give you cash for your house!
  • We will work with a house in any condition. If you need to relocate and don’t want to clean or do not have time to clean, no worries! We will clean for you. If you need a new roof or any other repairs, we will take care of that for you, too.

When you need to relocate, Fast Home Buyers can help you with your house.

Our Process at a Glance

Contact Us

Schedule a Meeting

Accept The Offer

Contact us online or by phone.

We will meet at your home, and do a walkthrough. We will make you an offer.

Accept the offer and leave with cash in hand!

Why Choose Fast Home Buyers?

Buying houses is our business. Selling a house can be stressful and complicated. This is not how we feel about it. You should not have to take on the stress and complications when there are people – Fast Home Buyers – who will do it for you.

Our staff is experienced and passionate about what we do. We want to help people get what they need the fastest way possible. We know how to make the sale of your house go through without any hidden agendas.


Many people have been pleased with the service we offer. You can look at our testimonials page to see some of the things people have said about Fast Home Buyers. Here are a couple:

“They were able to buy my home in a very timely manner after other investors failed to do so. They bought it in its as-is condition and I was able to leave behind belongings that I couldn’t take with me. I would definitely recommend working with them.” – Derrick

“They were able to buy my home at a price that made sense to me. They worked in a very timely manner and covered all the costs on my behalf. They were flexible enough to help me move, when I didn’t have the time to do so. I appreciated their honesty throughout the process and would recommend working with them.” – Christine

Are You Ready?

When you contact us and we make you an offer, you have no obligation to accept the offer. However, when you do, there are no hidden fees, so all the money we agree on is yours.

Contact us to see how we can help you with your house!

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We’ve been buying houses in Utah, a fast and fair cash offer, for the last three years. Our idea is to help everybody to solve problems with their properties. We buy houses in any condition and situation: Evictions, Probates, Notice of Default, Inheriting house, divorce, foreclosure, literally any situation.

We’ve helped hundreds of people with their properties, sometimes in less than a week. You can check our “Testimonials” and how we’ve helped people over the years.

We started our business in Utah, buying houses in the whole state. Today we are in Florida, helping others with our fantastic team there. Feel free to contact us today and get your offer.

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