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The time has come to retire and downsize. What a mixture of feelings. In the early days when you purchased your home, it was a blank canvas. You were able to create your masterpiece for your family.

But now that the nest is empty, life has changed. It’s time for you to embark on a new journey. At Fast Home Buyers, we can help you sell your home fast.

Reasons to Sell your Home in Retirement

When you are ready to retire or have been in retirement you start to think about selling your home. The beginning of freedom is when you retire. If you are healthy enough to enjoy it, it’s great news!

But living an adventurous retirement life comes at a price. So, it is important to cut as many financial obligations as possible. Selling your house in retirement frees you from many expenses. These include maintenance, utilities, and mortgage payments.

A person who has equity in his or her retirement may be able to retire earlier. The equity of selling your home allows them to start investing in retirement.

There are different reasons why you want to sell your home in retirement:

  • Moving to downsize and use the money for retirement.
  • Reduce mortgage payments.
  • Change in investment strategy.
  • Reduce a second home mortgage payment and go down to one home.
  • Move to receive a tax break.
  • Moving in with family due to health reasons.
  • Move to your dream home.

There are many benefits to selling your home in retirement. Each benefit should be considered to help you make that decision.


Most retirees bought their homes as young couples. The homes were larger because of a growing family. Now that everyone has left the home feels too big. There might need to be landscaping that is now too much to take care of.

Utility costs are high due to the size of the home, and taxes are high because it is a larger home. In retirement, these costs might not fit into your budget. It is time to rethink your retirement lifestyle.

Reduce Mortgage Payment

A mortgage payment is one of the largest responsibilities that many retirees have. Even if the mortgage is paid down over the years, there might be high monthly payments. The high monthly mortgage payments might not be favorable with a smaller retirement budget.

When you sell your home, you can pay off the rest of the debt owed to the home. It might eat into the take-home but you will not have that high mortgage payment. You can then use that money to put into a smaller home.

Change in Investment Opportunity

Selling your home in retirement can be a long-term strategy for your investments. Your home should be an asset in your golden years.

When you sell your home and move into a smaller home paid for in cash, you have an asset. You can rid yourself of the liability of a home with a mortgage payment. You have the option to take the cash and gain interest or invest it for your retirement.

Sell a Second Home

Selling a second home is an option in retirement because there is no use in having two homes anymore. You need to reduce your costs for maintenance.

Having one payment can help save money in case of emergencies that emerge in retirement.

The sale of the second home could help free up cash. That cash might be helpful as you live on a fixed income. It will give you more options for investments in the future.

Need a Tax Break

Some retirees do not want to sell their homes because of the concern of taxes. There are tax laws that protect taxpayers that reduce their tax obligation.

There has been a change in the capital gains that will exclude up to $250,000 of capital gains from their returns. This doubles for married couples.

Other tax laws are applicable in retirement. You should consult with your accountant on what might be beneficial for you.

Change in Health

Due to a change in health, you might need to sell your home. You might need to move in with a family member. Or you might need to move into a community that gives you the medical attention specialized for you.

As you enter retirement age your health changes. Your health can change and moving into a supportive environment might be an option for you.

Ready to Move to your Dream Home

Your dream home might look different in retirement than what it did when you were younger. Before you looked for a home in the right school district or close to work.

Now your priorities are different and you might want a change of scenery. You have the option now to move closer to your family. Or have a home that has better amenities and also has some financial freedom.

Selling your Home in Retirement can be Easy and Quick

When you’re ready to sell, save yourself a lot of time and trouble. If you want to sell your home, there’s no need to clean up years of accumulated clutter, make repairs, or stage it to attract the right buyer.

That’s because Fast Home Buyers handles the entire process for you.

  • Fast Home Buyers offers a fair cash price.
  • We buy your home in any condition.
  • We meet with you at your home.
  • We work with your schedule when you want to move out.
  • You get your money fast.

When it comes time to retire, let us be the first and last call you make.

Why Choose Fast Home Buyers?

Things are getting more and more complicated these days. A home sale to us will not be one of them if you are downsizing for retirement.

Our experienced staff knows how to make the sale of your home run smoothly and without any catches.

No repairs will be made to your house. If you were to sell the home on the market, you would need to do repairs and renovations. You don’t have to spend a penny!

We make it easy to sell your home! There is no need to hold open houses and showings that need time and effort to prepare.

A prospective buyer wants to see your house, and you don’t want to have to clean it up in a flash.

You can expect to receive an offer and possibly even close the transaction in as little as 7 days! The traditional market can be unpredictable and can take months to sell your home.

You will eliminate surprises. You will not deal with buyers changing their minds and sales falling through. None of that occurs when you sell your home to Fast Home Buyers.

You are under no obligation to accept any of our offers. The closing costs are paid by us, so you only earn a profit when you sell your home.

Contact us today to start the process and get your cash offer!

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