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  • We Buy Houses in Any Condition
  • No Repairs or Cleaning Needed
  • Tenant in the Home? No Problem

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  • We Will Pay a Fair Cash Price
  • Get Your Money Fast
  • There’s No Cost To You – We Pay All Closing Costs

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  • Need to Stay in the House Until You’re Ready to Move? No Problem
  • Reputable Title and Escrow Company Will Handle the Closing

If you need to quickly sell a property in Bountiful, Utah we can help! Here at Fast Home Buyers, we buy homes quickly and with cash.

If you are in a pinch, such as a divorce or a job change, there is no need to create added stress trying to sell your home. No one wants to contact a realtor and wait on a bank’s approval when you’re in a hurry.

Selling Your House to Fast Home Buyers

When you sell to Fast Home Buyers there is little to no responsibility on your end.

Rotting foundation? Does not matter, we will still buy your home.

Tenants? We will handle all of the loose strings.

Bugs or rodents? Does not bug us one bit!

Big furniture you can’t get rid of? We will handle it.

Here at Fast Home Buyers, we make it easy to get rid of unwanted properties in no time at all. We buy the properties ourselves so there is no waiting on anyone else. Plus you get to set the closing date which makes the sale even more convenient.

If you need to move before you can sell your house there is no need to continue paying two mortgages. Fast Home Buyers make selling your home very simple, quick, and convenient.

Fast Home Buyers also takes care of any extra fees. All of the money you earn from selling your house to Fast Home Buyers goes right into your pocket.

Selling your house through a realtor is just too much of a hassle when you have the option of selling to Fast Home Buyers.

Just think about it, when you list your house to be sold you are paying, first the real estate agent.

This means that a portion of your profit goes to the realtor and not to you. With Fast Home Buyers the whole sale goes to you.

Next, you would be dealing with multiple open houses and viewings, which do not even guarantee a sale. With Fast Home Buyers, you show your house to us only once.

Now, say you finally got an offer on your house, but there are repairs to be made and those are all your responsibility. Fast Home Buyers buys your house as-is and will take care of all of the repairs.

Finally, there are closing costs. When you sell your house to Fast Home Buyers we take care of all of the closing costs.

Why Sell to Fast Home Buyers?

  • We make fair, cash offers on your home.
  • We close in your time frame. If you need to remain in your home longer that is no issue!
  • Cleaning up isn’t necessary. You do not need to remove anything from your house before selling it to Fast Home Buyers. We will purchase as-is.
  • There is also no need to repair anything. We will handle all the little things.
  • Here at Fast Home Buyers, we will buy your house fast! We are buying your house, not looking for someone to buy your house, which means there is no waiting!
  • All of the money goes to you. By not using a real estate agent there is no need to pay a listing price or pay the agent, which means all the money goes to you!
  • We will buy rentals too! Even with tenants still living there.
  • There is no need to have anyone look through your house! Open houses and house tours can be a pain, with Fast Home Buyers you deal with none of that.

3 Easy Steps


Reach out!

The sooner you contact us the sooner we can buy your house hassle-free.



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We will make a cash offer on your home.




When you accept our offer we can move forward with closing.


Why is Fast Home Buyers Better Than Selling Through a Real Estate Agent?

Fast Home Buyers

Real Estate Agents

Commissions & fees?

No commission

Average 6% commission

Who pays closing costs?

We pay all closing costs

You pay 2% closing costs on average


No appraisal is needed

Appraisal is required

Mortgage financing?

Not needed



Only 1 showing is needed

Multiple showings and open houses are needed

Days on the market?


1-3 months

Who covers repairs?

We cover repairs

You may need to

Time to close?

You set the closing date

2-3 additional months

As you can see Fast Home Buyers is really the best option when you need to sell your home fast. We make things easy and most importantly fast! Reach out today so we can start on your appraisal!

About Us

Fast Home Buyers has years of experience buying homes in all conditions. We have helped homeowners in all sorts of situations sell their homes fast for cash.

Whether you are going through a divorce, inherited a home, or just need to sell your home quickly, Fast Home Buyers can help.

We have helped clients in your area and encourage you to visit our Testimonials page to hear their feedback firsthand!

We started our business buying homes right here in Utah and now today we buy properties across the country. Contact us today to get a no obligation offer on your home!

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We’ve been buying houses in Utah, a fast and fair cash offer, for the last three years. Our idea is to help everybody to solve problems with their properties. We buy houses in any condition and situation: Evictions, Probates, Notice of Default, Inheriting house, divorce, foreclosure, literally any situation.

We’ve helped hundreds of people with their properties, sometimes in less than a week. You can check our “Testimonials” and how we’ve helped people over the years.

We started our business in Utah, buying houses in the whole state. Today we are in Florida, helping others with our fantastic team there. Feel free to contact us today and get your offer.

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